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Hello iPhone film producer

Today I start this blog with the PHOCUS from Accent.

PHOCUS is a new iPhone holder. It is the new OWLE bubo. The OWLE was the first iPhone holder on the market. It is still alive and is sold as mCAM from the company ALM. The OWLE which name is now mCAM, is a stable aluminium made holder. It is the professional device for shooting video or doing a photographic job.

PHOCUS is made of plastic. That reduce the weight from 420 to 130 gramms. That reductions make it possible to carry the PHOCUS all the time with you. A women will have it all the time in her handbag, a man will carry it in his shirt pocket.
PHOCUS comes – as does the MCAM – with a macro and wide angle lens. That means the user can shoot either macro photos / videos or wide angle scenes.

PHOCUS is distributet in Germany / Europe from Schnittpunkt UG

PHOCUS is a professionall iPhone holder for the mass market