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NAB 2013 – so many different cameras

Each year at NAB I think I have to take pictures of all the different cameras I see at the show.
I am an old school boy. That means, I know the times where there had been 50 cameras models (Sony, Panasonic, JVC and ARRI) on the market and thats all it gave. Now at NAB you see everywhere new manufacturer and camera combinations. It is such a varity of cameras.
So please have a look at my collection and if you have some photos of outstanding cameras to share send me the pictures please. (

Thanks to Thomas Grahl from Rheinklang Media GmbH who was also at NAB 2013 – This is a great picture:

Wooden Rig-at-NAB 2013

Wooden Rig-at-NAB 2013

AT NAB 2013, first we have a look in the pressroom and we meet there. A NEX-EA50.

The great thing about the NEX-EA50 is the use of extra lenses.


Then we meet a UK team – Broadcastshow – , we meet before at BVE in London. They produce films also about NAB 2013.


The first modell from a 3D printer I ever have seen, it is the holder for an iPad mini.

iPad Mini

Most of the cameras are used to inform about the NAB 2013. Here we show an interview which is made with a Canon DSLR. The interviewer is an US-University and the cameraman use the strap around his neck as a stabilizer. Funny, isn’t it?
Clay Baker from Bodelin talks about the news from the ProPrompter line. New at Bodelin is a holder for the iPad mini for the the HDi Pro2.

Sometimes you see that “the world is really a village” (as we say in Germany). That happend for me at NAB 2013 when I met Thomas Grahl from Rheinklang. A customer of our rental house TNMD. They worked with the Canon C300 and produced at NAB films for some customers.

One of the camera highlights was the following example. The rig was special designed to work with it as it is. The GoPro is the second camera for another angle or for security reasons.

I asked the user if he can work with this rig? And August Reinhard (Head of Production – tpc / switz) told me, that he really likes it a lot.

Everywhere at the NAB 2013 you could see the GoPro

3D was no big theme, but you could see it.

Of course, the iPhone production should not be missed by us. This time we show a Japanese production company

iPhone Produktion

Or as part of a live streaming process.

IPhone Livestreaming

But you want to see the real cameras, the real, real camera you are going to use every day?

And if you don’t need the real camera any more……….

Wandernde Kamera

But if you need a camera and have no one.
You can rent one from us in Cologne, Germany.

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